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  1. "you abuse hitbox manipulation in gmod rdm zone" If you're referring to jump crouching, no, that is not hitbox manipulation. If you simply track your target the whole time they are jump crouching then you're going to hit all those shots. I too thought the same when I first went against April (This was my first time encountering someone that is jump crouching) but then I looked back at the clips I'd take to see what I was doing wrong and as it turns out, I was just missing and getting lazy while trying to track her. Some clips to prove it and a quote from April "I have had no issues hitting jump-crouching players and if you are unable to track and hit them that's on you. The hitboxes are still accurate and while it may be annoying to hit, it is no different than bhopping. Both of which are movement techniques that allow you to gain an advantage over other players and are easily performable without any external help" "i think there should be random modifiers to rdm zone that can either be via an event (mid but a 5 minute rdm zone event with random modifiers and highest kill count wins would be cool - only if event rewards are buffed and cost to buy event is increased along with it) - or a random chance of occurring, and when it does it announces in chat the rdm zone has modifier x... ie: one that gives more armor, one that deals more dmg, one that makes every player who enters a certain size (or player model), jump height, speed, firerate modifiers etc" I agree, I really like this idea and I think it'd be pretty fun and interesting to see added
  2. Full armor has been added to the rdm zone for around two months now, I've had lots of experience with it and I don't think it makes the rdm zone more fair. Other players have also had their complaints about armor being added to the rdm zone and these are the reasons why 1. If there are more than three people in rdm zone this ends up in one pair fighting each other and then the other picking off one and then finishing the other. For example player A is fighting player B while fighting player C comes in with a full magazine and steals player A's kill (killing player B) and then finishes player A themselves 2. The addition of armor has made rdm zone easier and less skillful, if you know what you're doing and have a decent weapon you're bound to survive for a while just because of how tanky you are. I have a clip here that demonstrates this a bit 3. By increasing the tankiness of players in the RDM zone, this forces you to reload more often after a kill. This can actually cause the balance to be less fair due to the necessity of reloading frequently; players who you've just killed are able to spawn in next to you and kill you as you are reloading The addition of armor to RDM zone effectively increases the time to kill (TTK). However, increasing TTK does not necessarily mean more fair gameplay. Players are simply required to hold their crosshair on target for longer or score more hits. In fact, this can make using certain weapons feel worse (i.e., shotguns and sniper rifles). Adding armor to the RDM zone makes the usage of these weapons seem completely futile, and causes frustration when you spawn in them, leading to a worse gameplay experience
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