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  1. So basically, I came across this one dude when I walked past PD, he was the mayor. He was talking to another man about normal stuff at first, like how he considers himself the best mayor. Out of nowhere, he states he loves children and got me thinking he is a pedophile. So I created a vote trying to get him demoted due to his pedophilia and was denied. Then I was called into a sit stating why I made that vote and I told him the same reason I put the vote up. He then started asking me for some evidence like I'm the one getting accused. I said no, then he said if I don't have evidence I will get banned, and I said okay, but does the other person have any evidence of him not saying it because it goes both ways right? He didn't answer and proceeded to say I'm getting banned and next thing you know he banned me for a month for not having evidence on some particular manner. I feel as if he was biased because I was a new player and the player that reported me was a pretty well-known player, guessing from the fact people voted him as mayor, and he was a VIP with many hours.
  2. Asking for evidence? Acting like you are required to record everything. I
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