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  1. idk but thats not my profile picture also i'm not angry one bit BUT i'm making this appeal because i am trying to join the server again there no sob story or me getting mad... i really dont know were you came up with that lol and if i wanted to join the server i can but there 0 point of doing so because i can't gain progress and the account would most likely banned under a day like thats really not fun ~edited and i think im ip banned too lol there no text when i try to join and i just load forever waiting to join the server it gives me a 404 message ~edited didn't you get banned for money exploiting with og? also you took my word out of context... " to make a appeal on my banned maybe i was just lazy or scared too because i knew it might get decline" why waste my time if i knew my appeal is straight gonna get decline also i try to fix my appeal too it was way shorter before koda<"you don't even want to give a proper reason you want to appeal or give some sort of sob story of how you were angry so you just decided to constantly take it out on us by alting on the server" I was really never toxic i didn't even use my mic most of the time playing on the server and my reason of making this appeal is try to legit play and not alt and i did include the reason's major alts/mrdm and i explain the reason why both of those thing was wrong and not ok you probably didn't understand because of my crappy typing and yes both of those things were realy missed up on what i did like i don't know what other words i can put it for you... ~EDITED also there a lot of people who alted on this server and got unbanned koda money is not a thing for me i want to enjoy the server with out worry when am i gonna get banned because im alting the things i did in my past are childish and dum. edited not alted to a point i did though
  2. those msg are not me... https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/794018224072032316/847458508285673472/image1.png the first link is though
  3. i try to fix it but i'm 100% in the wrong and there nothing i can defend myself and the first time i got banned on the server wsa by kilo for mrdm ever since then i started to alt to play and that was 4 year ago thats why i said i'm tired alting to play coral grimes (STEAM_0:0:002590525) Kilobyte (STEAM_0:1:73892581) MRDM | Third Offense | Extend to perm for Blake C
  4. dang little bit harsh but my hand writing always been shit anyone can tell you that on the server its the number one things that gives me away english is not my first langue. also all my accounts were banned for being all's and rdm anything else was not me or someone trying to be me.
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