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  1. Rxykh

    my ban appeal

    so it auto banned me im sorry for ulting but i didnt do anything so i made an ult account
  2. Rxykh

    my ban appeal

    this is my main steam account i was banned for ulting on my main account and i got banned for being a "pedophile" on my tommy bean account the reason i had an ult in the first place is because i logged on one day to being console banned for no reason then i found out why i got banned because my brother goes around mass rdming and we have the same ip address
  3. Rxykh

    my ban appeal

    lewd your making it seem like i have multiple ult accounts i have 2 and the reason for the first one i aready explained the second one i made before i was banned and havent used it sense i played on tits about a year ago
  4. Rxykh

    my ban appeal

    And mumper the reason I made my appeal so shitty is because I appealed already the first time then got told that I’m perm banned bc my ult the only reason I made an ult in the first place is because I was wrongfully banned by console bc of my address being the same as the person I live with
  5. Rxykh

    my ban appeal

    Succ The Zucc The I made a fucked up in my discord server then jaywalker screenshotted it and sent it to the titsrp staff chat and then I got perm banned for being a “pedophile” I said “I like 13 year old boys” that wasnt funny or acceptable I’m sorry for my actions I’m not gay it was a joke
  6. Rxykh

    my ban appeal

    so about the ip thing my brother got me into gmod and titsrp is the first server i ever played and so we both play it for a while and he gets banned then i get banned from console because of him so i make an ult account because i didnt do anything and i didnt know how to explain it when i first got banned because theres no way to tell if were not the same person but there is now and i aready did my ult account that i made my main account got banned for me being a "pedophile" and im not i lost the info to my main account and even if i had it i would not be able to post sense im perm banned i understand i made a fucked up joke and i would appreciate it if you can look past it and unban my main so i can get back into gmod again
  7. Rxykh

    my ban appeal

    so my main tommy bean got perm banned for me i guess being a pedophile but heres the thing im not a pedophile and im a minor so how does that work and i kinda got my main stolen someone fanessed me and im tryna get my main unbanned so i can have fun and play titsrp once again
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