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  1. Listen. I understand that you're very upset that somebody broke the rules, but first of all it wasn't even my sit. The t-mod that originally took your sit was starlight. Starlight asked for my help with the sit, so I came over and you were there for barely 5 minutes. It was taking a long time because I believe the NLR logs were not working properly. It was only showing 1 skeleton inside your base, so I decided to spectate the positions of death to make sure that you weren't just running out and killing him when he was outside your base. We couldn't bring the person into your sit because he left. Me and starlight went through the logs and determined that he did MassNLR and he was banned for 5-7 days, I left the decision up to starlight as it was their sit. We understand how to use the NLR tools, but they weren't showing the proper logs that we needed to quickly assist you, therefore it took longer. I would also like for you to understand that me and starlight both became trial-moderators less than 3 days ago. We are sorry that we couldn't check through your 40 logs of you shooting people and killing people in 2 minutes, if there was a higher-up online I guarantee you they would have been called. Have a nice day. EDIT: I told you that I'm not going to take your logs as evidence, because saying "DONT COME BACK OR ILL REPORT YOU" doesn't prove anything. Either way, I can see the logs that you were posting, you do not need to post them. Either way, whether you did it or not, you can edit the logs you post in chat to your liking therefore it wouldn't be a good idea to just take your log and go "oh okay i'll ban him for 7 days." You also left the server during the sit before we banned him, leading you to have the false idea of "absolutely nothing got done".
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