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  1. Nah, after looking up what it actually was (not just a gay anime) I know I shouldn't have sent the messages, and I wouldn't have tried to justify it if I actually knew what it was. My report on Jack is an entirely different thing as he was the one who pushed for the ban extension and the initial ban, then in discord blatantly said how he doesn't care about me because he does not know me. i'm not sure if that implies him not knowing me means he's more likely to punish me, or if it means he's less likely to punish players he knows, either way it looks like a bias staff member IMO.
  2. Please only comment if you have something to contribute to the report!
  3. I added another screenshot of a player that is friends with jack saying "jack johnson thinks this will get him admin "
  4. You can see in the screenshots, a player asking why I posted it, and me telling him. Do not comment if you do not even look at the screenshots posted for evidence purposes. You automatically assume its because he got me banned not because he's blatantly saying he doesn't care about the ban because he doesn't know me? Shit Ass, listen to jack, stop typing.
  5. The other screenshots? Are you going to ignore those?
  6. I was going to make this report whether it got accepted or denied, I took the screenshots before it got denied. If i cared so much about being permanently banned, I would alt, or attack the server, not try to reveal a biased staff member. ?????
  7. You don't see how me asking what my ban about is relevant? Or do you just not care because you don't know me? http://prntscr.com/1qu65tn
  8. Show me ANY log that shows me saying ANYTHING that makes me "clearly understand why im in the sit." You literally jailed me while I was fishing. I said in ooc I was getting banned for 1 week for player toxicity after you told me because I did not see why I was brought to a sit in the first place
  9. But you didn't post the entire conversation. So I'll post the beginning part that you didn't include! (for context, I originally pm'd jack on the gmod server because shit ass didn't give me the reason I was being banned and I was told Jack told him to ban me. Jack said "ask the banning staff member" Do the forums not accept lightshot screenshots? It's not letting me upload the screenshot, I have it saved as well.
  10. I never said I didn't post it in ooc? What's the relevance of you adding that? TLDR was a generalization for the people reading the appeal, not to be taken as what I read? You also cut out the part where you said sorry and Jack told you to ban me. I didn't take the sit seriously? I literally asked you why I'm in the sit, what the is for, etc. You typed a sentence then said "nevermind" so i asked why are you wasting my time jailing me then.
  11. You left out the prior messages where I was asking why is it a ban and how is it player toxicity, and only screenshotted this segment. It literally looks like you just want me to get banned? I can provide screenshots of the prior messages.
  12. I didn't DM Jack, I @'d him in a discord server we are both in. I was asking Jack how and why it's a ban for player toxicity considering Shit Ass said he wasn't completely sure why I was getting a 1 week for player toxicity and that Jack just told him to do so. When I asked him, he copy+pasted what I said then said "Player toxicity because we dont put pedophilic Remarks / jokes in bans!" Then a small back and forth of how/why its bannable with Bone randomly chiming in. Jack said "Okay, recommend any other anime that doesn't involve cp how difficult is that", a couple more message later, bone says "i dont think sits need to be called about somebody talking about cp...." I replied "it is a cartoon!" (cuntbucket referenced this as jack has evidently told the staff team about our conversation) Jack replies "i thought you liking it was a joke but im starting to think otherwise... might need to extend the ban..." then says "Admins just said I should extend to perma! So I did!" I was very confused why making a joke about a gay anime in a discord completely different from any titsrp domain causes my questionable 1 week ban to go to a permanent ban. From my knowledge, Boku No Pico is a gay anime that became a meme because it involved crossdressing. Everyone including Jack keeps mentioning CP (I dont think I need to say what that stands for), but I havent even watched the fucking anime. I dont watch anime. If I knew that the anime/cartoon actually depics Underaged children in an explicit manor, I would've just apologized instead of telling him "its a cartoon!"
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