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  1. Swishy

    Unban request

    I legit came into the server to RP like I have done prior and this whole experience just leaving a bad taste in my mouth because of there being a lack of care and allowance of abuse to go on.
  2. Swishy

    Unban request

    As I said before I'd put through the @ request each time I got arrested / shot at / etc. You said you wasn't around but there was another admin online I don't remember the name that didn't respond. And I constantly got abused by all the cops so I retaliated to it as there was no one else helping. So how you going to expect someone to just sit there and allow it to keep happening until an admin does respond? Seem like BS. It's not the first time i've been on this server either but this is the first time this has happened getting job abused within such a short period of time. B
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