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  1. i have no idea why it was denied.
  2. Probably my last time making a ban appeal. Lean, i did not once attack you, or argued with you with whatever you've said, but what i've said is, "probably a permaban" let alone a lack of warnings. Why you even criticizing that i'm mocking the server's quote's? "TitsRP is a DarkRP server where small children are welcome. We feast on their screaming obscenities, high pitched voices and enthusiatic energy when they get RDMed." "make porn great again" - Mr. Bones Imagine making this as a quote to celebrate too. Pls don't criticize and being a hypocrite. I did not get a single warning about it, no rules were against it, not only that, but i was just mocking the cardboard pedobear player model and the quote on the forums. Imagine getting permanently banned for 4-5 remarks. When I'm told that i would be jailed, imagine being jailed for life for 4-5 remarks. i atleast ask for a 7 day ban, and not a permanent ban. There are people making death threats and racist comments and they aren't even banned for less than 7 days, legit talking about people dying and they get a small ban. and i'm the only that gets permanently banned for 4-5 remarks. I atleast ask for forgiveness. If you want to personally talk to me, just message me.
  3. Remedy

    Ban appeal

    I at least ask for forgiveness. The moderator said it was too far. I even apologized and tried to explain myself, but the moderator didnt even let me talk at all. had no chance of a warn, or a warning ban instead, it went straight to instant ban. Everyday, im literally working my butt off, and working 10-15 hours a day with overtime and I just want some peace. I legit didnt even know its against the rules, let alone a permanent ban. Not to mention that this moderator hasn't warned a single person i've talked about in a sit, and ignored. This is unfair, imagine going to life in prison for 4-5 remarks of pedo while others mass rdm and harass me while i ask this moderator to help. There are literally people sprouting hate speech for me just because i'm playing, and I'm literally getting banned for 4-5 pedo remarks. I know i did something wrong, without excuse, I did it to test mr. bones's voice box, and out of stress i've taken. Over the past hour, i've got rdmed atleast once every 4-5 mins, i had like 30-40 deaths XD. The worse part is that I only made the pedo remarks as a meme from civil protection or cp and why no one talks about (I didnt explicitly say this part) cops being replaced with civil protection. Legit, theres a literal voice box for it, and no one is talking about it... If i was a new player on gmod, and i heard that gmod phrase, i would've probably be freaked out that a game supports the voice box. In fact, theres god damn pedobear-like player model in the server itself. Man, even the damn forum has pedo remarks too, "We feast on their screaming obscenities, high pitched voices and enthusiatic energy. . . the spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience, our firey brethren, Satan." Literally on the bottom of the forums. I have no idea why 4-5 remarks of pedophilia is perma banned, but we have a pedo-bear player model in server, also as a custom class model, and we have a literally voice box of CP, and we have possible references from the forum's quotes on the bottom. Its like indirectly making pedophilia remarks legally, but I'm being banned for 4-5 remarks. Summary: I was making pedophilia remarks based on the gmod voice box, pedobear player model, and the forum's quotes, "TitsRP is a DarkRP server where small children are welcome." I'm just a man who works 10-15 hours a day. I just want to relieve my stress and not get rdmed or harassed.
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