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  1. I've had a similar issue, at the beach on the left hand side there was a blip that was close by but I could never reach. It think it was registering inside the wall as the green zone. It happened once or twice but I could just reset for new zones
  2. We've all had some sort of gear fear, the unexpected serial killer or RDMer can lead to losing a potentially powerful gun that you cradle for special occasions. I propose a way to get items back should you lose them. Some sort of Soul Well, there upon death, a weapon with a rarity of blue or higher may end up at this vendor, who will happily return the weapon to you for the price of some soul jars. The price can depend on the rarity as such: Blue: 5 jars Purple: 10 Jars Orange: 20-50 (make you really want it back!) This can be subject to change, or even have a period in which it can'
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