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  1. how is this NLR. and when i was falsely arrested put in hand cuffs kidnapped thrown in a room and bullied i was not on there property i was on the sidewalk
  2. also like i discussed with snitchnut no where in the motd does it say what i did was breaking nlr there was no specific cooldowns i was not raided i did not raid i just had my base up and was trying to add to it there was 0 rp interactions i caused 0 raids and i did 0 damage to them so i would like an explanation as to why this is considered nlr and why they are allowed to harass me and bully me if all I'm doing is building my base and like ive said time and time again i do not care about them killing me because they had a kos sign up and kos mean KILL ON SIGHT not kidnap rda and destroy props on sight and like doge did say that's not how nlr works i wasn't rping just trying to improve my base and you may say well you weren't building and to that i say if you watch the full clips you can see me adding and arranging props which is considered building and if its not why is it against the rules to add and rearrange props during a raid
  3. the hobo ruleset allows me to build in front of peoples bases and I did not enter there base or do damage to them
  4. there is valid proof i had a building sign and i came back to my own base no rp interactions no raiding therefor not breaking nlr
  5. I only clipped the past two minutes whenever they did shit like kidnap me or destroy my props never did I say I was upset about the killings I was upset about the harassments kidnappings destruction of props and overall bullying which is far to obvious in these clips also there is building in these clips there's me placing props and moving them me using me physgun to move already placed props ect also nipple farm in the quote you used from me in all these clips i did go in/next to my base and never entered their base
  6. sadly Reiko there isn't anymore of that particular clip because the software I use only clips 2 minute fragments but I do have more clips all of my clips are in this video I am aware of the loitering sign and the cube was in no form blocking anything as you can see in the clips but this doesn't provide an explanation of my props being destroyed and me getting kidnapped and harassed also people have been laughing saying my logic is stupid but me coming back in that situation to work on my base in no way breaks no life rule also in the majority of these clips there's at least a minute before any situation and in this video i called for an admin 3 different times and no one ever responded
  7. im allowed to mic spam as hobo class and i never prop climbed on your base my base its self was a tower not connected to yours what so ever i eventually did end up leaving yet im still pissed about the fact that i was getting harrased and bullied especially the clip i provided sums up the whole expierence of me getting targeting and them kidnapping me with a building sign
  8. I was going back to continue the construction of my base and did not have any rp encounters
  9. it takes less then 40 seconds to get in and out of my base and also they would've already seen there's no entities and left within that time and I say tahxagen (theonewhokilledme) who wasn't apart of the initial raid or at least not to my understanding at the time so I entered after I entered rumbly popped out of the secret room
  10. and I wouldn't call it a disregard of the rules but rather a misunderstanding and rumbly going out of his way to get me banned you see I didn't cause any harm to the raid whatsoever and I was unaware that they were still in my base because it looked like they were gone they only came out of the secret room after i came in the base so for all we know they could have even set me up to get me banned
  11. also by the time i came back i assumed you were gone and when i walked into my base i didnt see you until you came out of the secret room
  12. however i did not effect your raid in anyway do any damage and you knew I had no entities
  13. well none of it was in the clip but I had multiple sits and sloth was fine with everything and afterwards when people tried raiding us I was calling sits and whether or not you want to warn tahxa at all I understand but we had building signs and snakeeyes did kidnap me and and I'm sure tahxa will confirm that we did have building signs so will sloth but we were constantly harrased while building and all tahxa did was be unprofessional this clip was recorder towards the end of this and that is why I was being aggressive about everything because I was simply trying to base
  14. this dude mass rdmed everyone when no admins were on https://medal.tv/clips/46618796/d1337sRxOI7w
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