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  1. Spoke to Admin Byonic, he told me to make this and list it Urgent. I completed a quest "make out with 10 people" and claimed my tree token reward in the F4 Quests tab menu, however the tree token did not appear in my inventory.
  2. I'm fairly Certain Quests are bugged, im not recieving rewards either
  3. By second sit Atleast 8 (generous) NLR/RDM attempts = Unintentional? Mind you I PM'd the player, explaining their actions are not allowed, and already had the FIRST SIT? How is that unintentional? And here you going covering for your boy again, "STOP WHINING" was said??? <- Yes or No? You downplaying, EVERYTHING, legit EVERYTHING. Sus
  4. Im hoping "You" can comment on this post about my sit I called on Lean, that he moderated, where Lean just returned me after his story stopped adding up.
  5. @cobaselic Is that building Next to my building? As in the base beside mine? Orginally (original sit) Player Tap's was found in violation of breaking NLR against me in attempts to kill or raid atleast 5times (generous) could be considered RDM+NLR really. That was a WARN. (although I PM'd him explaining multiple times before calling a sit, that NLR isn't allowed as per the MOTD explains you should contact the player). One hour later same player up to same violations on same player (ME) after being educated upon this violation (again like an hour ago tops) and was only Warned 2nd time (suspicious of friendly treatment). Player continues PM's after being told to stop communicating with me. When I tell Lean I'm still being PM'd, he sets up a base with the guy next time mine... ????? I.E Suspicion of Friendly treatment during punishments of a friend.
  6. Player Taps ツ consistently broke NLR against me in attempts to kill or raid my base (5+ times). I called a in which Lean Warned Taps ツ. Player Taps ツ consistently continued to break NLR against me in attempts to kill or raid my base (after the first sit) (3 times in 5 minutes at one point) now using TRISHA and just Trisha Launching at my base. For this Lean only Warned Taps ツ, after he was previously educated an hour before to stop breaking NLR again'st me. During the second time LEAN told Taps ツ to stop communicating with me. Mod "YOU" also confirmed his two warns were granted, although I thought the second punishment should be larger. So Taps ツ is told to no longer communicate or bother me. Taps continued PMing me after this, essentially mocking previous things I had said in sits when reporting him. (LINK->) Evidence of PM's where I also am explaining to Lean hes STILL messing with me and communicating after 2 Sits, 2 Warns, with two LIGHT punishments because player is new. Then, Lean sets up a base with Taps ツ RIGHT next to my base. The building beside.(3 SEPERATE LINKS ->) MY BASE. Their Base . LEAN + TAPS Mind you, the whole time during my sits Lean was not taking me serious, or my opinions serious (my suspicion he's protecting his friend). I had even called a sit on him (Lean) which YOU mediated, however at a certain point when Lean was BACKPEDDLING (for lack of a better word) Lean decided the SIT was over, even though the sit was on him(Lean) mediated by "You", and he returned me with no conclusion. In conclusion Lean warned a player for excessively breaking the rules against me TWICE, told the player to stop communicating with me, then tagged up with the player to create a base next to mine. I believe they were friends from the beginning and that Lean constantly didn't give appropriate punishments. More Evidence can be provided upon request however some is lost in the logs due to time. Please make sure to click the LINKS on my WORDS in this paragraph.
  7. Ah Kio's Lag at the beginning explains why I saw him like teleporting around. Ya I must have done this, My apologies. You guys were saying I stuck him in doors though, which I didn't do. I didn't purposely close any doors in his face and didn't mean to do anything on purpose my apologies.
  8. Yes, in this context I was referring to the parts of sexual reference being rather eccentric. But of course I should watch the way I misuse words because that word didn't really sit how I wanted It to actually either, it's 6AM I was just firing off a quick message, but that shouldn't be an excuse. I should also apologize for my misuse of proper terminology in a serious forum space. This report is harassments. I'm not sure if Mod's are suppose to hold the community well. Like I don't know any mod's. I have no idea how this guy even remembers I raided couple bitminers from his boys, hes out here carrying multi-day grudges. I told him to just essentially keep it real with me for a second. I believe that thats a reasonable request from a player to a mod. That base that I was apart of tonight had the most printer's ive ever based in since 2016 not gonna lie, but I didn't report @ him when he kicked me or @ report him ever. I'm reporting him now, here, because he's reporting me and doesn't know the rules. The rule violations I would like to report are: be respectful to everyone trade at your own discretion and do your research. Being scammed 1 Mil or more DakrRP cash or any amount of IRL money or Suga Dollars is subject to review and punishment. Ask for a staff witness if you are unsure of a transaction -> Got scammed a Printer Rack or 4 Processors me and Koda had a deal he forced me to take while in party, (no joke he was killing me if I didn't) I had 4 proc, he said I want these, there mine, and no two ways about it.. I was like ok.. I tried collecting my own proc while in party and he got me to like 19 HP for attempting to take from my own processors before I MIC spammed telling him to chill out stop stabbing me. And I had a golden event printer. listen to staff (just from my point of view) Being in a party or gang doesn't mean you will not die/be raided/kicked/harassed by your own party and gang. Don't call staff members for internal issues you're dealing with. -> RDM Report He doesn't know the rules calling sit for rdm on me but he killed me in a Raid. His mic was on as he killed me so he knew It was me. He's been saying he hasn't. I think his plan here was for me to incriminate myself and get myself banned here for perhaps not knowing the rules and instead of me telling bookies the truth, my anger comes out and I just openly admit to "attempting to RDM" him because of the "interactions hes had with me". He wanted to see me ban out of rage
  9. Yea your a weirdo espicially because like I mentioned before any of this occured I told you my apologies for any previous tension you had from me raiding your boys 3 bit miners, and u couldn't drop the salty. So if you were a real playa right there, you'd say: bro i dont like you I'm leaving this party. Me: no worries, peace If you were like an alright guy: you'd be like bro, I don't like you, I'm kicking you from the party you essentially started take your shit and go. -> thats chill Good roleplay like y'all said But what he did.. and this guys a mod.. Way later, like an hour an a half later, The sit for RDM was the tipping point too get to where we are now, online.
  10. i swear to god the screenshot is him holding CrabRangoons dick in game on some weirdo shit like I tell him to send it
  11. As he was "joking with me" i was literally telling him yo bro if u had a problem with me u should just tell me to take my shit and go next time.. To which point this guy was still trolling me talking about sexual shit , weirdo shit, and sent me that screenshot im refering to of him in my base next to my old boy (CrabRangoon) with my old printers
  12. This guy and me did have a sit with bookies ask him lmao it was very brief cuz bookies told both of us very quick that "i was good"
  13. So you're talking about a technicality when it comes to a Mod. We were partied, but ok I see your point about the doors. His name on the door im assumin cuz he wanted that location and I wasn't too picky, thats the bottom line of the situation. I've been playing this game server 2016. The reason I'm a frequent player and choose this as my main server too play is because the mods are good to the players, the mods have been good to me. I've learned alot about the rules and new rules over the years from mods. This is the last behavior I would expect from a mod in your community. I tried lookin for the screenshot he sent me lmao, tell him to send it. As I said Doors / party ...? eh This guy is SUPER downplaying the SIT with Bookies. He just called an RDM sit on me for attempting to raid him in a situation where he killed me hes really not to good at the rules.
  14. I've been attempting to find the screenshot he sent me of him "ERPing" elsewhere (however as said hes just in the base with my printers and processors) in my Steam Web Browser History, however it's very complicated to access this history file. From my SIT with Bookies: 03:45:38 Player Koda (A Date With Death) said Money Maker Props i was saying "oh base got raided" because i didnt want you to freak out
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