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  1. I recently thought of the idea of a functioning "plant trimmer" tool when farming. the basic idea of this tool is that it would allow you to remove plants easily without having to shoot them or damage them in other ways. this could also be worked to give you a certain return on "trimming" unfinished plants. pulling a %50 grown plant would give you 1 lb of a drug, and %75 would give you 2lb of a drug. those are just ideas for the values, however i think adding something to deal with annoying dead or ungrown plants could help improve the efficiency of farming. it could also be a new source of xp, giving a small amount of xp for removing dead crops. let me know what you guys think of this idea, and what could change.
  2. +1 a class counter to aliens sound good, especially if they could be given special rp oppertunities
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