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  1. Jake2

    Broken Hitbox

    I'm having Rubik remove the model for now
  2. Jake2

    Random Door

    This wasn't there the other day, was working fine even after the Christmas update but now it's just changed https://imgur.com/a/LB1QvIh
  3. Jake2

    Scripted weapon

    Happened right after the Christmas update
  4. Jake2


    Yes, where do I go
  5. Jake2


    Yes 4565eb90-a0cd-4d3c-add9-8fe66d2d028b Executable: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin\win64\gmod.exe -Lua Stack Traces- ================== Client *Not in Lua call OR Lua has panicked* Server Lua Interface = NULL MenuSystem *Not in Lua call OR Lua has panicked* https://pastebin.com/HCk2K5Rx DxDiag Video will be uploaded shortly
  6. Jake2


    After I place 2 home alarm police things on my doors, I reliably CTD (happened twice now) I have the crash files *CTD aka Crash-to-Desktop* I'm also using the beta version of Gmod so I can run it in 64 bit (86-64 chromium)
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