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  1. So I spent a while deliberating this, which actually translates to me trying to find all of the screenshots, edit them into a video, and play the song "I'm Different" while it scrolls through the images. Instead, I will make this short and sweet. It's been too soon for you to return. DENIED - doc I would appreciate it if only real members of the community and staff team would reply to appeals, thanks for playing!
  2. 1. I fully support this idea, and it doesn't even have to be something extreme or a test or anything, it can even be just a simple outline of the CP rules and stuff which would maybe clear up some of the, "I didn't know I wasn't allowed to do that." Which I hear a lot from new players when they play CP +1 2. I like this idea because it would make it harder for mass RDM'rs to just instantly change to a class with max armor and a good gun and kill a bunch of people, and would give newer players a chance to fully, or at least more thoroughly, understand the rules of the server and of the CP. +1 3. This idea, at it's core, isn't a terrible idea, however it is a little dangerous to give people the power to fire CP like that. I would maybe like to see that implemented if there wasn't a mayor online, then the PD Commander or Swat Chief could fire other CP, the same way Gaben can accept warrants. 4. I think 20k might be too high, maybe 10k. My fear is that either new players are gonna get fucked by that, or, minges will go around false fining people for 20k to make some money. I also fear that the mayor may make a law that "J-Walking is now a 20k fine" or something similar and absolutely fuck a bunch of people. I'm aware that the player can always deny the fine, and you've addressed that. I'll +1 for 10k max fine. 5. Going with my previous answer, maybe just halving the price of the fine. 6. I believe there is already a rework of some kind aimed at fixing this exact problem, and I don't really like this as a solution anyway since the mayor is supposed to represent the people, and the last thing we want is more JEWWORLDs who play mayor and make super extreme laws to the delight of his CP. -1 7. Yes oml most Gaben's are just minges that like the minigun and use it to murder a bunch of people. +1 8. -1. While I have seen Swat Chiefs just go around shooting in doors I also enjoy him having a breaching spas because he is supposed to lead raids, and a lot of the times the first action taken in a raid is to blow down someone's door. And most of the time when a Swat Chief does minge with the shotgun he is demoted for it. 9. Neutral. I have never seen anyone with that perk lmao 10. +1 11. This really couldn't hurt to put in and I don't think it is "Serious RP" or whatever. Having a name for the city you are in isn't super serious and can have no negative impact on the server. +1 12. -1
  3. The first and only person you killed as swat was the most important person for you to not kill. A one day ban is not that big of a deal and it fully looked like rdm seeing as how your first reaction to seeing someone you don't recognize was to empty a clip into them. Your ban appeal also has almost no detail into why you did it or what was happening. You don't attempt to explain at all the events that lead you to kill the mayor as a CP. And for these reasons I am denying your ban appeal. Denied
  4. Denied. After a checking through server logs I can confirm that you were in fact brought to a sit, and that a sit was indeed made against you. In your appeal you provide no context for what actually happened, and you provide no defense for what you did other than, "I didn't do it." Which combined with your assertion of not being brought to a sit at all, leads me to deny your appeal.
  5. Accepted I've done a lot of thinking and after collecting more evidence and shit have decided that a perma ban is not fitting for what you have done. Both parties were at fault and it is clear that you do not deserve a perma ban.
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