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  1. -1 for punishment as the location is on-top of red industrial a location for a worldspawn lootbox which is a public area. Not a skybase by any means also I might add I never claimed that they weren't entities that is false claim.
  2. Tom Cruize

    Report on Ajax

    I'm afraid I completely disagree with your statement "You were brought to the sit with the only purpose to agree with Ajax and never brought any reasoning behind what is fair and not fair to do." First of all I voluntarily teleported to that sit and second, that was most definitely not my only purpose, I'm sorry that my mic might have been a bit quiet but I believe I gave my input from a neutral perspective. Yes certain aspects of what Matchu did might be seen as unfair to you but from an outside perspective I saw a player undo his dupe to gain entry to his base unknowingly with you in it which appeared to be a mistake also I should ask the question would it be fair to teleport you back with the dupe down, again my opinion it seems fair to just re-raid with your timer at nil.
  3. Tom Cruize

    Report on Ajax

    So I got involved in this sit also, Ajax asked for another mods advice during this sit, I teleported to him and was told the situation, I checked Matchu's warns and they were quite old he doesn't strike me as a player to break rules also I find it quite common for players to undo their dupes to gain entry so I suggested a verbal warn as it seemed like a misunderstanding, and told Zek that he could start the raid again with his timer at 0. If my judgement was flawed during that sit I completely understand if you wish to punish me, I did what I thought was best in that circumstance.
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