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  1. If this were to be added then it would negate the point of the CC Editor spawner for these such of supporters. However it would then bring up a point of a Bank Spawner which I would be all for. So I'd be willing to trade giving Lifetime Supporter a CC editor command for a Bank Spawner item. Either way it doesn't really hurt anyone to have this feature and it could incentivize more to actually become a lifetime supporter so it is a generally good suggestion. +1 For adding this and Bank Spawner +0.5 If only adding this
  2. During the sit I tried to find this rule and asked the present mods in the sit (Snitchnut/B3nz/Professional Jay Walker/SCP 343) if I was allowed to lockpick into PD without calling raid and there wasn't a clear answer besides that I had "Raided PD without advert" which is what the warn was for. I was under the assumption that I was allowed to lockpick into PD as long as I don't engage anyone and don't try to go through and props or fading doors, and a few people I was talking to also said that I should be protected under that rule, so I messaged an Admin (Saiah) asking if I was allowed to lock
  3. There was a commit that went through but didn't appear in the changelogs, this appears to be intentional. These changes are active because I have personally tried the Medic Medkit and it is significantly faster after this commit.
  4. Put the Abomination's "Kill this thing" hovering text when he spawns a hostile NPC. >:) Honestly would rather Necromancer not be killed as much I just think this would be funny please don't use this.
  5. So just some recent ideas that have come to mind after learning of the removal of the Mayor Jobs (Firearm Trainer/Landlord) and since my gang and myself have been doing a lot of Bank Manager+Guards recently and providing a dupe that has constantly been up to decorate the lobby and have basic defenses. So I think I'd give myself a shot at making some suggestions on this topic. Government Jobs A new job category with jobs related to the government but are not cops. These jobs would be required to follow all laws and follow under the Mayor's laws as they still work for him but do
  6. As the owner of a Gang with this talent I can indeed say that it is extremely buggy and we have had multiple cases where people are put into this so called "God Mode." I believe once Holographic was in it during Mayor and for fairness he suicided, and either for a long time today or twice today RubberDruggies was experiencing this as multiple people called him out for being unkillable yet I have never experienced or been able to test if there is still a hitbox, let alone the cause of this bug. If someone would want to bug hunt this with me sometime I would be glad to try and get as many people
  7. The Clinic Do no harm Founders: Dr Ronsan - Owner+Founder not the0man - Officer+Founder Nekomancer - Officer+Founder yoian - Officer+Founder Aspec - Officer+Founder Gang Level - 70 Gang Talents: Quick Sell; Precious Life; Experienced Cop; Slow Down; I basically Live Here; Instant Backup; Down but not out Gang Focuses: Strong Focus - Basing, Cop, RP Minor Focus - Leaderboards, EXP Farming, Group activities (Hacker Team/Hitman Group/Fishing) Unimportant Focus - Raiding, Kidnapping, Gang wars Te
  8. Message in chat/console; This is what they appear as in inventory: I tried dropping one but it didn't drop anything.
  9. Ronsan

    3 MRDMer's

    Yeah I figured so I was uploading it in the first place. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nVigtR5qRRpYDdaVh2tnQhiWKgrJ9uA4/view?usp=sharing
  10. Ronsan

    3 MRDMer's

    These three seemingly just came into the server to RDM, immediately all becoming police jobs and running around the streets shooting. They ended up running into my public base and then killing everyone and it obviously didn't stop there. I sent multiple reports but the only staff online seemed to be afk and had left before anything was resolved. I ended up going CP myself and just keeping them in cuffs for the majority of the time that I could to dampen the harm. Once I votebanned one of them the others followed and left since I was just staring all three of them down in cuffs they up and went
  11. Walter I really appreciate the clarifications on everything and its great that you responded to everything individually. Even if it is "In the rules" I would like it to be more apparent, I know you can quote everything and reference it all but that doesn't mean everyone can. I still spend a ton of time in the MOTD checking the situation on things. So with this statement are you implying that you are allowed to kill yourself to: Avoid being cuffed/arrested, Avoid being killed by a hitman or the target of any other class, Avoid dying to special classes such as Grim Reaper who is trying to re
  12. "The reason I bring this up so much is since cops aren't supposed to kill criminals" Yes I know and that isn't the point.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm sure a lot of people are fed up with kidnappers which is why some people always devote themselves to killing them. I also see people just use the bludgeon, even if not to try and kidnap, just to start fights and incite killing between two groups. It is still a fun to be on the kidnapper sides of things and is overall a decent mechanic for the server. I just want to take a minute and go over rules and how I would revise them. All important rules from the MOTD: "Max Kidnapping time: 5 minutes" "Kidnapping is a default illegal activity" "Kidnapping/Attempt to Kidnap makes
  14. Your Steam Name: Ronsan Your ingame name: Dr Ronsan Your Steam Profile/SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Thebestthebestthebest/ Who are you reporting?: Felixy STEAM_0:0:444895952 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198850057632/ Why are you reporting said player? Prop Minging, Fail RP Evidence: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1exJDyhvOLAZrE6n28pGtQ0_oN_Zi-3ig/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MXFHciKftlC_3tiHi5tGkUNtr6B9tkKZ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gMUMgsJbRYwBoi4in24D_cIo17u6bpIn/view?usp=sharing He trapped me a prop multiple tim
  15. Apparently I am not waiting for anymore evidence or testimonies anymore since the few people I asked had complications with this process. I had hoped to bring everything to light with this report but it doesn't seem as serious anymore since I'm the only one to have supplied evidence.
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