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Found 5 results

  1. Currently the Gandalf class (Under VIP jobs) Is what I would consider to be the laughing stock of VIP jobs. Every single job under VIP jobs has some level of meaning, from the aliens ability to kiss, kidnap, and turn into props, the fight club managers ability to set a little betting rink, hell, even John Cena has something of his own, the chair. Now what does Gandalf have? A easily obtainable stick. Now, what I personally believe he should be able to do is two things, first: The ability to create talismans, this would bring to him another use and make it so the spirt caller is not the only way to obtain them (Obtaining them through lootboxes being ignored.) Second: The ability to create potions. Now, I don't believe he should be able to create the potions tits currently uses, honestly having infinite beast potions would be a nightmare for everyone. What I believe is that there should be a new potion system put into place, an example: Potions that, Similar to the Restaurants Owner, Can experiment with different resources to create different, new potions, these potions being unable to stack. Now, this might bring up the question of why not just use the Restaurant Owner, which is why I propose a different system for gathering ingredients, to be specific, a fourth material. A plant in which spawns in randomly set locations near the beach and mining area that drop a random Herb, each of varying rarity. The final thing I'd like to put is I believe it should stay in the VIP tab, and have a max of 2 players as the Job at a time. The VIP thing to add a new insentive to do the work and get 3 mil, or whatever it may be to get VIP. I'm sorry if there's sudden cut offs or anything that's misspelled, I made this in a rush. I know this is likely too complicated to even think of adding, but I don't really think of that when I'm making things like this so oh well.
  2. DISCLAIMER: This is not something I'm entirely for, but I want to see what the community thinks about it. After reading post after post about the influx of items and little to no trading happening within game, I think it may be time for an economy wipe. What this DOES entail: Money reset back to 0 for every player Suga Dollars reset to 0 except for recent purchases within 30 days Full inventory wipe What this does NOT entail: Custom class reset Gang progression reset Player level progression I think that with a full economy reset it could inspire more players to base, and trade. It would also bring back some of the RP rather than sitting and talking. It would inspire more ideas for Casinos, mini games, and gun dealer role play. Please let me know your opinions below. Keep it civil.
  3. Proposition 23 "Gun Reskins" hecko there! In this proposition, I will be discussing the issues with gun re-skins and how to combat this with a new and, in my opinion, better feature. Issues So, you might be saying, what issues could there possibly be with importing a new weapon into the server? Well, from what I've gathered, when a weapon model is imported, it take the stats from one gun and applies it to this new weapon, effectively reskinning it. Same gun, different model. However, this is a very lengthy process and put some strain on our developers which could be mitigated with this solution I will be offering later on. Another issue with it is that it creates an entirely new entity, therefore, that means more crap in processors, more junk found in fishing and lootboxes, and a lot more crap that the RSB has to cycle through. This I think causes stress on the server and kinda infuriates players when they get 4 jackals in a row from a lootbox, when they would much prefer getting deagles. Another issue that arises with this is that you are unable to sell these Custom Content guns to the general buyer, as they are priced at $0 unless enchanted, but I doubt anyone wants to spend 30 something minutes just to enchant guns that they aren't even going to use, much less waste precious chems and blood. One more issue that arises is that sometimes these weapons that are brought in have bug that sometimes make them better than the weapon that they're reskinned of, which is a big no-no. The solution below aims to fix this and to make them purely cosmetic. Solution So I thought to myself, how could this be fixed to where it puts less stress on the developers so that they can focus their efforts on better projects, and still allow people to bring custom guns in and use them? I have been playing Rust quite a bit lately and noticed that in there, instead of an entirely new gun, the players are able to reskin their guns at Repair Tables. I also noticed that we have a Model Selector (!ms), so I thought, why couldn't the same be applied for guns? Of course, there will be limitations with this, which I will list now. The Model Selector for guns would derive from a base weapon category. You want to bring in that nice Submachine Gun from Black Ops 2? It would then fall under the Submachine Gun group, meaning you could reskin an MP5, an SMG1, or a Mac10 with that model that you want to bring in. However, it should be made to where in logs, it states the base weapon used against someone. This could also be applied to new players wanting to spice up some regular guns while they don't have a CC. They take it to the table and select from the skins they bought and apply it. This could be something that could be done in the Stats section of it. This could also be done with Legendaries, Artifacts, stuff like that. I think it would be really cool and provide a lot more cool stuff to do. heck, maybe even create a new player market if you could destroy a legendary to get a Skin Item, allowing you to put it on any weapon. Let me know what you think of the idea below and your pros and cons of it! Thanks for reading!
  4. Limit out the stun gun during a rp I was constantly shot with a stun gun and brought down to half hp add a cool down or a limit on how you can use it so it’s not so easy to abuse
  5. I think it would be great to have a second server with the same rules and all, just a different map like evocity, I love how Titsrp functions it’s so much better than the other servers it feels like classic GMOD darkrp without the crazy guns and without the level system just playing and to play that on a map like evocity again would be amazing
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