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  • Thief Rules
    Rules related to various Thief jobs.

    Basic Description: You steal from people and break into their bases

    Raid | Heist Megabase

    • Bank Heisters CANNOT base with the Bank Manager
    • Killing the cop/mugger who has just fined/mugged you after you paid a fine is FailRP
    • Killing someone to save them from being fined/arrested is FailRP
    • You may not call a raid or PD heist while inside the building
    • You cannot call a PD raid for the sole purpose of killing people in the lobby/preventing people from access to the lobby. If you PD raid you are there to kill the Mayor, raid the vault, or break people out of jail
    • While you are raiding the Kingdom, you have to stay in the kingdom. Leaving the portal is considered the end of your Kingdom raid

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