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  • Terrorist Rules
    Rules related to the Terrorist Job
    Basic Description: You commit terrible atrocities for the sake of your cause.

    Raid | Heist | Megabase


    • When committing a¬†terrorist attack with !terrorstart, you can only kill cops for the first 5 minutes. If you're still alive after that time, you can kill civilians
    • Walking up to a terrorist within yell range during an attack is not a good idea for civilians, doing this can possibly result in lethal force from a terrorist. (Terrorists MUST /y telling them to get away)
    • Party assisting is not allowed for non-terrorists, if you want to RDM, become a terrorist. You may however passively assist terrorists by healing them, or giving them items to use if you support their cause.
    • Terrorists can ONLY commit terror attacks OUTSIDE on or above solid ground (Including rooftops)
    • Terrorists can NOT commit terror attacks in buildings, underground, in the ocean or on the islands in the ocean.
    • Terrorists may NOT build or be inside of megabases, or any prop bases during a terror attack.
    • Terrorists may raid, base and megabase when they are NOT on an active terror attack.
    • If a terror attack is started while you are in an off-limits area, do not attack anyone unless attacked, and head to the closest area allowed for attacks. You will not be in trouble if you follow this rule.

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