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  • Party / Gang Rules
    Rules related to parties & gangs

    Using parties/gangs to combat other people usually results in confusion.
    Just because you are in a party/gang with somebody doesn't mean you are automatically "involved" with their situations.
    Here is how to do it correctly.

    • You must to be in a !party with someone to assist in a roleplay scenario. Being in a gang together does not count. 
    • If you're going to kill someone because they attacked your party member, you need to make sure they know you're together BEFORE you assist in a roleplay scenario. (Local chat /y) (not OOC/Advert/Voice). Not doing so will cause confusion and most likely result in a sit which no one wants. (This applies to raiding as well)
    • Being in a party or gang doesn't mean you will not die/be raided/kicked/harassed by your own party and gang. Don't call staff members for internal issues you're dealing with unless it becomes a serious problem such as Toxicity or Harassment.
    • Deal with situations using role-play. If you aren't role-playing together or they have no reason to suspect that you are connected in any way, it makes no RP sense to randomly pull out a gun and shoot them.

    Examples of a BAD party/gang member

    • Sniping a player from across the map because his party member got mugged
    • Attacking a player because someone just killed their party member when you were nowhere nearby/not visible
    • Calling staff when their party/gang just raided them
    • Calling staff when their party/gang just kicked them because he paid 500k to be in there

    Examples of a GOOD party/gang member

    • Running up to the player who killed their party member and telling them they are about to die for killing their member
    • Killing a cop for cuffing your party member you are role-playing with (fishing, mugging, kidnapping players together, etc)

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