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  • Misc Rules
    Rules that generally don't have to be said but are here for the people who need to see them.

    • Do not force other players to get stuck, if they can't move it's not RP
    • Do not kill people at NPCs without an RP reason, you don't gain anything and therefore it is intentional RDM and a bannable offense
    • If you're shot at, you're allowed to fire back even if they miss
    • If someone failed to perform their job functions correctly (Ex: A cop let their friend have a gun without a license) you can /demote them. If they broke a rule against you (Ex: RDM) you could demote them but we highly suggest calling a sit. Contact someone before calling a /demote on them for breaking a rule against you. If you are unsure, ask for staff assistance.
    • Intentionally lowering people's framerates with a ton of moving materials/flashing materials will have you warned and then punished
    • Teleporting behind someone makes you KOS for the person you teleported to.
    • Misleading adverts are not allowed, making 3 lines of random trading advert then adding a subtle (PD raid) at the end is stupid. If a staff ask you to remove it then please do so.
    • Spawning props in public then making them no gravity before letting them fly is not allowed, it ruins some people's FPS and is dumb in general.
    • You may request a staff member as a middleman for large (1m+) transactions. This service is dependent on staff availability.
    • Loot-boxes are considered entities and you cannot open them in a base while building or prop-blocked
    • Macros/external programs/scripts are not allowed.
    • The following 2 actions are allowed without adverting PD raid: Jail-breaking and Hackers hacking any of the PD panels, including the one in the Mayor's office. Anything involving breaking through a prop or a fading door is not allowed under this rule and will be considering PD raiding without an advert. If you wish to PD raid, you will still be required to call PD raid after exiting the PD entirely. You may not fight CP in self defence/party assists inside of PD unless you are raiding.
      Ex: Hobo is allowed to sneak in to jailbreak his friend. Once he's spotted, he can run but not attack the officer, even if attacked.
    • If a player has been gone for 30 consecutive days from the server without prior notification, you can revoke their custom class permanent slot without being subject to the scamming rule. It is highly recommended that you record their gametracker (Recommended method is via screenshot) at the time of revocation to prevent future issues.
    • Do not modify a job name in a way that gives you a clearly unintended roleplay advantage. (ex. Standard custom class named "Civil Projection" and using a model that looks like CP to gain entry into the Mayor's office, or Terrorist changes their job name to "Black Market Dealer", Hacker drinks a CP potion and also changes his job name to Secret Service before raiding the PD, etc.)
    • Report someone within 2 weeks, or we will not take action, even if they Mass RDMed 99999999999 players. Reports will still be accepted for extremely serious offenses, such as things which break the law, on a case by case basis, but if we determine you held this information from the staff team for the purposes of blackmail, threats, or other similar reasons, you will receive a punishment equal to whatever we decide to do with the player you reported.
    • Staff will not interfere with your personal loans. Give money to those you trust, or accept  collateral. 

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