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  • pretty head
  • Examples of a BAD Player

    • Calling staff because he doesn't know how to change jobs
    • Calling staff because someone called them a hurtful word
    • Calling staff because someone just killed them
    • Calling staff that explains only part of the issue
    • Calling staff when the Mayor adds a harsh law
    • Calling staff when a cop arrests them on either accident or purpose
    • Calling staff when he needs a door un-owned
    • Arguing with a player in OOC
    • Not listening to staff/claiming a rule doesn't exist so they can do it
    • Reporting players and or staff when they have no evidence/non-conclusive evidence

    Examples of a GOOD Player

    • Asking players how to change jobs in chat or in person
    • Reading the rules to see if his base is allowed/getting other player's opinions
    • Reading the rules/job description to see what his job does
    • Voice Chat/Text Chat muting players when they get called a bad word
    • Examining the situation of why they died and asking the player why they killed him
    • Calling a staff member with the most detail possible to prevent downtime and confusion
    • Revolting against the Mayor when a harsh rule is made
    • PMing the cop who arrested them when they got randomly arrested
    • PMing the player who owns the door to see if they can own it
    • Taking a heated argument to local or PM chat
    • Accepting what staff tells them. If they have an issue with it, they make a post on the forums explaining why they think they're in the right
    • Reporting players/staff with video evidence

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