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  • Basing Rules
    Rules related to basing & fail bases

    • Do not block your doors with props or entities in a way that prevents people from seeing who owns the doors.
    • In order to defend a base, you must be on the front doors of the base or inside of the base before raid starts
    • Fading door limit is 3 doors protecting your items. You may only require raiders go through 3 doors to get to your entities/bank vault.
    • A double fading door counts as two doors, a triple fading door counts as 3.
    • One way props are allowed.
    • You cannot have a base that requires special tools/prop climb. It must be raid-able by a single person using a lock-pick and/or keypad-cracker.
    • You cannot have a sky-base unless you are playing Preacher. Rooftops that are not explicitly part of the base (door leading to it) DO count as sky-bases.
    • You cannot have a crouch base that exploits a head or foot glitch (or any other body part, don't loophole please).
    • Placing a building sign prevents you from being raided, but you may not have any entities or any form of making money. This is a ban-able offense.
    • KoS signs are not allowed but you may have Loitering signs. Minimum time for a loiterer to be killed is 5 seconds. Loitering signs extend to the area around the outside of a base, such as the sidewalk around it.
    • Trespassing makes you KoS. This means if you trespass someone's house while they are "building" you will die. If it is a public base, you must be warned to leave first.
    • The owner of the MOST doors in a base is the owner, not the owner of the front door.
    • Your goods must be accessible in some way or form, you cannot just prop block them.
    • You must have your keypads in plain sight and it must be next to the door.
    • Your base must have a clear path through. This means no full blackout/super dark. bases, invisible bases, or maze bases where the path is not obvious.
    • Keypads may not have any delay on them opening. EX: Your keypad has a 30-second delay but then opens for 5 seconds. (To avoid confusion and unnecessary sits).
    • You may not use/hide inside no-collided props to avoid being damaged, arrested, raided, etc.
    • You may not remove a Dupe to bring Entities inside of your base, then replace your Dupe. This is FailRP.
    • Building/loitering signs must be size 30 or larger, be easily visible, and near the main entrance of the base.
    • Do not abuse non-destructible entities when building your base. This means using them for anything other than their intended purpose.
    • You may only base in one spot at a time.
    • Do not fading door abuse. Fading door abuse is when you explicitly use bound key to toggle the door during any rp situation like kidnapping, being raided, being arrested, etc.
    • A public base is a place with open doors such as a restaurant. For your base to be considered a public base, you MUST place a sign indicating it as a "Public Base." You may not have money-making entities inside/it will be treated as a building sign. If the base does have locked doors, fading doors, or entities call staff to report a false public base.
    • You cannot build/remove props to your advantage while being raided or in a situation that involves a clash between other players. Ex: Stealing a printer, running to your base, deleting it and then placing the base back when you're inside.
    • Destroying your entities during a raid on your base to avoid them being stolen is FailRP.
    • No full fountain dupes, your dupes at fountain must have a function and not just be for aesthetics. 
    • You must have at least 3 members who are part of the same faction (ie, 3 hobos, 3 crips, 3 aliens) to megabase unless you're the king.
    • Your megabase cannot take over a large portion of the map and the portion of the map cannot be a hotspot (Ex: In front of PD).
    • Your group must own at least the front door of every house to megabase in that area
    • You can not block off any unique NPC (Any NPC where there is only one NPC on the map like Harvest buyer or the Cereal Statue).
    • When inside of the Chill Zone your builds may only be public bases and cannot have entities inside of them.
    • Must be behind dupe in order to defend waterfall base
    • Cannot use loiter signs at bases that are next to fountain spawn exit. 

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