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  • pretty head
  • Advert Rules
    Adverts that are allowed & not allowed

    Adverts that Exist:

    • PD Raid
    • Bank Heist
    • Warn
    • Kingdom Raid
    • Over (While not required under any circumstances, this advert is recommended, courteous, and can be considered valid for roleplay purposes. We will not hold a gun to your head and force you to use it however.)

    Adverts that DO NOT EXIST:

    • Steal
    • FearRP related adverts
    • Hands are tied, weapons are stripped
    • Serial Killer
    • Murder
    • Raid
    • Kidnap
    • Counter
    • Mug
    • Hit accepted/declined/completed/failed
    • Assist
    • Crossfire
    • Any "You attacked my party member!" variant (You must do this in local text using /y to defend any party member in an RP scenario)

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