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  1. so whens tomorrow @Dan Mcstubbins btw i think game looks good so far i hope it brings back the dynamics of BO3 zombies
  2. who even aims down sights with the exception of snipers literally crouch and you get no spread
  3. how was it a shitpost though, i'd like to know that part Walter. also, i agreed with Ajax, am i not allowed to have an opinion these days?
  4. fuck i accidentally made another, meant to edit this one fixed
  5. sup coral how you been babylegs, nice seeing you around nicememe420


  6. nigga shot from +2 to -15

    you are one certified clown Hase

  7. you can swear on the fourms they arent that fucking braindead
  8. I agree. Bimby provides some good points. Bullet penetration is literal hell, and I wouldn't want 50k bullets lagging my shit and ricocheting everywhere @Fuel -1 By the way, have you thought of weapons with 1500 RPM and 200 clip size? Maybe not since it doesn't exist.
  9. Versace has the original Big Ass, the one who had its name blatantly stolen you should join versace
  10. i'll give this a try edit: i failed
  11. new server but give us all 1 billion to start
  12. just prestige the levels and add a prestige shop, every time you prestige you get 1 prestige token of a max of like 10 prestiges or something
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