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  1. That honestly sounds really cool and it could be great if implemented correctly
  2. Why do you wanna join AssRP (two lines, maximum): I want to join because first i think i am good enough to be in a gang. Second i think that ASSRP is definitely one of the most aligned interests i have had with a gang in gmod How many hours do you have on TitsRP? i have 3 days of playtime and 3 hours (stopped playing for a bit to focus on mental shit and get a better pc) What level are you on the server? 7 halfway to 8 Do you own a CC (Custom Class)? No but i have vip What's your discord tag? jailbread#7775
  3. Personally i like this idea it makes weapons far more useful for sniping the mayor shooting through things to hit people. The tac reload thing might be cool but more difficult to program (i have no knowledge of programming yet please correct me if i am wrong).
  4. I do agree it is kinda stupid how i could see a midget and just whap them with a scythe just because LOL LOW HP XDXDXDDX
  5. it doesnt change after switching weps either forgot to mention
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