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  1. I have noticed that the king has only one (two counting assassin) jobs related to him I am here to make some suggestions to fix that. The Cleric The cleric is a healer first and foremost and can heal from longer ranges than anyone else Weps: Cure wounds, Mace, and Mass healing word Objective: Keep the king and his cohorts safe from harm Not meant for combat so the cleric has only 25 armor and 100 Hp The Paladin The Paladin is a Tanky-er unit then other king jobs specializes in melee combat Weps: Warhammer & Shield and Healing Hands Objective: Run down intruders and heretics
  2. non default chat boxes can suck for performance having a option to turn it off and on could be good (Though this one is very lightweight and really prolly wouldn't hurt much)
  3. Honey Bee I think they're epic
  4. I need to confirm a few things first Will update soon
  5. Album Updateded Tuss' submissions are much appreciated
  6. Imagine holding a monoply and not giving it freely
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