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  1. Yeah with the way spirit caller is rn its fucking abysmal to bother with getting spirits i think that there could be like a thing that could allow you to yank a spirit from a recently killed corpse (kinda like detective) Like for 90 secs a blue orb (or red for criminals) could float over their body then you go over and click it or harvest it a few times and you got a few souls
  2. Jim is the biggest baddest chest player
  3. Gave me my vip for free absolute epic gamer Plus epic non binary
  4. STEAM_0:1:178783014 For the holidays i plan on being with my family and spending a lot of cash to give them all something that means alot to them especially my nephew and niece I think i should get it because i really want it more then need it and cant spend 70 dollars to buy it as i got to save that cash
  5. This is stupid because just kidnapping in broad daylight is a surefire way to die KEK nice meme As if he needs to be slower This one i can kinda get behind
  6. Assuming that units refers to hammer units which in source games it is then we can determine that 1HU=1in (or .75 depending on the game) so at 1269 units it could be 1269 inchs converts to 105.75 feet OR if gmod uses the .75 measurement it goes to 951.75 inchs converted makes it is 75.3125 feet All this assuming gmod uses typical source engine measurements or has a definite scale to begin with (Regardless 9 times out of 10 an ar is being used within 30-50 feet AT MOST and thats being generous)
  7. trump presidents normally get 2 terms even if americans hate them
  8. Ig Jailbread Dis:Jailbread#7775 HAlloween plans are to sleep and buy candy to drop down my throat
  9. YES this is a amazing suggestion even if its more costly it would be so fucking good
  10. I can attest to this we only killed each other with shovels and hks from our CC we never once went to someone to just rdm them.
  11. Dark chocolate covered cherries are my favorite tbh they just warm my soul
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