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  1. My job set as a crab to kill people in water how is that fail rp? I changed jobs at the beach and went into the water as a crab I can do the same thing as a shark how is it fail rp to change from a shark to a crab? And once again they were in the water
  2. -they were in the water -I killed them once not 5 times -I switched to crab at the beach and then killed them Post pics of the logs saying I killed them 5 times
  3. In game name: Incredibilis Steam Name: StrongAkimbo Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40845769 Killed someone fishing because I was a crab and then left to get food and I come back with a 7 day ban from succthezucc for mass rdm mass nlr and NITRP I killed one person and was banned for MASS RDM and MASS NLR wtf??
  4. Im trying to make a custom class with suga dollars but once im done making it it says "Request sent! Building the class now!" but it doesnt take the suga dollars away from me and its been a while and still dont have a class pls help
  5. I dont even want to be unbanned ;) have fun wasting your time away by being an admin on a gmod server :heart:
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066905108 Typical_Quizzical_Man STEAM_0:0:53319690 fuck boy banned 2 people because they arrested him when he was raiding a house with his elite custom skin because he cant just be a regular CP and gets triggered when you tell him to just play as a regular CP so people can distinguish him from the 4 other people being raided GG great admins banned for mass rdm,disrupting a sit, and RDA because i arrested someone who looks like the kool-aid man on the lower level of the autism spectrum
  7. Chance no hard feelings but I think your to bias in this because it was your base with you entity's and how is deleting props that were randomly thrown in the street abuse http://bit.ly/2pxZkHS
  8. Please post the video I'll be waiting
  9. Okay this is complete bs I found like 14 props out in the street in front of your house so I removed them, after removing them I proceeded to raid you and once I got through you kept screaming at me about how I was abusing when all I was doing was raiding you. Once I realized that there was no way I was going to kill both of you I blew up your processor which in turn killed me and blew everything up in that back room.
  10. fdgfdgdg

    Sup y'all

    Im spartan 117 in game milk fortress. I give good succ but not good meme wassup
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