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    Ban Appeal

    I never got to explain my own side and what happened, they were just convinced what the guy said happened is what happened. I respect you and your response, but i've been trying to explain to them for a while and it's like talking to a brick wall so I am just over it. I don't ever base or do anything but spend money on the server and make sure other people are having fun, done arguing and I'll just wait my ban out even though I don't see any possible way of it being RDM but too late, already wasted my time being banned and I'll be unbanned tomorrow. Enjoy your day.
  2. CANiiS

    Ban Appeal

    Okay well lets argue this then... His "proof" isn't even showing everything. First of all he cut off the part before hand where he kept trying to tell me I was inside the PD helping the PD during the revolt based off of the NLR, which is not even true. I never once left my base and I have cops killed in those logs because the cops kept trying to get in our base and were shooting the mayor that was inside of our base. Revolt happens when mayor was afk, so we closed the garage door and never saw anyone during the whole revolt until that guy came to the back of our base and literally shot our party, which is in the logs. Everything I say is backed up by the logs. We literally look at him and he's not red at all, idk if its a cc bug or whatever, then we could've cleared it up as a misunderstanding, but the whole time he kept telling me all this that I was helping the PD and killing people inside of the PD which there's no proof of that ever happening. And he kept sitting there trying to have private conversations with the dude accusing me instead of sitting there talking it out and made me sit in the cell the whole time just to come back and ban me without a word. I'm not worried if it was RDM and my 3rd strike got me the ban, but it wasn't RDM and there's no way you don't listen to my side of the story and just say it's RDM and try to give me a verbal warning just from here one dudes side who got upset. So of course I will be annoyed by that. It's not like I go around the server and RDM and that's what I am known for, all I do is build, gamble, and give people money the whole time. I don't need clips or evidence of anything, you literally look at the logs of who I "RDM'D" and you can see he shot someone like a second before I shot him and that same exact person he shot was apart of my base and my party WHILE WE ARE INSIDE OF OUR BASE. It's all in the logs if you actually look at it, he shows part of the chat logs and logs of just me shooting people.. It literally is only showing my name. There's no NLR showing me at the PD because I never even walked in the PD today, I've never needed to heal because I have my own healing items. Yes his story checks out if that was the story, but there's more logs to it and it wasn't RDM. People aren't allowed to come to your base and shoot at the people inside that are in your party and you can't shoot them back? That is the complete opposite of the rules and what the whole basing and parties were meant to be used.
  3. CANiiS

    Ban Appeal

    So again you miss the point, recheck your logs because when revolt happened there is a garage door to our base and it was locked. Was never opened again so we hid in the back and as we're chilling there they start shooting at us from that point. Dude is not red, no way indicating hes apart of the revolution. You don't advert raid on the server so someone can just come shoot at our base but that isn't considered them attempting to start a raid? You're missing the bigger picture of us being inside our own base and being shot at first. Look at the logs and see who does damage first, because my party members were shot at in our own base from the sewers. You're trying to argue a whole different point, yes I've had a couple of sits with you already and not a single one was good. Just like when some dude gets shot, doesnt know who shot him and just chooses to shoot the first person he thinks shoots without proof, you considered that to be fair and it wasnt rdm. First red flag for being new, but you can't justify me rdming him if he's at our back entrance of our BASE (not pd btw) and shoots my party member and at our base I am not allowed to kill him and just let him continue? Blows my mind that you even responded with arguments that are beyond the sit. You say its a grey area and try to tell me i shouldn't be helping the cp with the revolt and killing people in the PD to protect them when that wasn't even the case. I was in my own base and we didnt want any part of the cops coming into it so we locked it and chilled in there, then you just decide to have a private conversation with the dude saying I rdm'd and ignoring my side of the story and then returned and never said anything to me and I was just banned. Rethink about the sit instead of trying to make it sound better for your name.Â
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