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  1. Captain hit everything he needed to in his response. I was there during the sit to help understand how cases like yours should be handled. All I have to say is regardless of intent you still MNLR which can default to a 7 day ban. I'm gonna go ahead and -1 this as well.
  2. Tired

    MOTD Update

    i mean im not asking for a whole revision im asking for more implied rules to be on there.
  3. Tired

    MOTD Update

    I've noticed there are rules that are not listed on the MOTD that can cause confusion. For instance today I learned that if I cuff someone to check/fine them. They can kill me as long as they do not get fined. Which isnt on the the MOTD staff also have said to each other that there is a lot of things that aren't on the MOTD that should be. I would suggest y'all just update the rules to help with the RP. Thanks, Tired
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