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Removing or Changing the bounty tracking talent


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This is probably going to be a very unpopular opinion given that I play among people with stable latency and an eagerness to brag about FPS skills. But I thought I'd mention it to at least start a dialogue of some kind and maybe things will work out somehow.


I don't play Bounty Hunter very often and when I do it is for quests/BP/LQ.

The biggest frustration I've had with this is not that I've been failing, but rather the biggest contributor to those failures. I respect anyone that can put up a good fight and come out victorious. What I can't stand is metagaming to instantly gain the upper hand and the odds are impossibly stacked against the bounty hunter.

This is because of a talent people can add which allows them to track their bounty and get alerted in large inscriptions that a bounty hunter is coming after you. Any normal human in response to that goes into defence mode and looks for anyone wearing a boba fett model. Usually armed to the teeth and fully armoured.


Some are even spiteful enough to suicide and wait for a bounty hunter to show up just to know which one was targeting them. All because this talent gives them OOC information and enables them to rig the odds against a job.

How does any staff look at me then and say "You cannot use ooc information in an RP situation"? They can't. Instead any and all response to this sort of complaint is met with "just get good".


The talent I refer to might possibly be "Black Envelope" I propose this talent undergoes a revision to address this problem. Just to reiterate; the biggest issue I see with it is metagaming. That's it. The rest of what I've said is to illustrate the point.

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Shortly after writing this as if to reinforce my point, an extremely toxic player used the same method and proceeded to mock me and minus rep me for "cry you need a tissue?" then carrying on about in OOC to let the rest of the server know how I'm worthles
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black envelope is generally used to know when you can extract a dark spirit or some people use it to know when they want to go into pd and pay their bounty, I have never encountered someone who uses it to know their bounty is big for a bounty hunter.


As far as I know you can only shoot first on a bounty hunter if you know thats the one hunting you for sure because metagaming is allowed. I would recommend that you get a friend to go on bounty hunter if you are the only one so that the person you are hunting doesn't know which one is hunting.


Suiciding to go into spawn and wait for the bounty hunter is as far as I know not allowed and failrp. I suggest you get some recording software to show that the person you are hunting suicides shortly after you take a bounty on them.



I would personally like the bounty hunter tracking dot to update more often because a lot of times if your target is moving you get to the dot and nothing is there, making you stand around to wait for the next dot

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Just take a potion that changes models. problem solved, since theyre looking for bounty hunter model.  


Without them getting the notification, the bounty hunter has the upperhand.  With the notification, its an even playing field.  You, as the bounty hunter can see where your target is and are hunting them, all the victim has is a notification that they are being hunted, not exactly where that person is though. 

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