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Damage TP Talisman and Glitter Can Stack

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I was opening a lot of T2s today so naturally I had a lot of talismans coming through. I went to click and drag the 4 talismans I had, and all of my 61% quality "Glitter" bags lit up, and it says I can combine (insert all of the slots I needlessly had with this specific kind of glitter recently made). I did not actually combine them so I'm not sure if it would just undo itself (much like trying to stack an item past the 9999 amount will just made the amount you tried to combine reappear in your inventory), or if it would turn into one or the other, but these seems like something someone could potentially exploit if it worked that way.

Was also unsure as to how I should mark priority so setting it as medium to be safe.

How to reproduce:

Not 100% sure, but try to combine Damage TP talisman with 61% "Glitter" meth. Didn't try to see if any of my other meth types or qualities would do this as I didn't want to 1. Risk losing mass amounts of my own items or 2. Incidentally use an exploit.



-An extra detail I neglected to mention, but I cannot click on the meth and try to combine with the Talismans, this bug only appears when I click on the Damage TP Talisman.

-It turns out multiple meth types were showing up. Several qualities, both high and low lit up. It still does not work vice versa.



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Found extra details/ Combing comment with original post.
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