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False vote ban by skizzletz

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Your In-Game Name:


Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

Skizzletz STEAM_0:1:632220456

Why are you reporting this player?:

I just recently come off a ban just to join back and then 30 minutes later I'm banned by vote for (Fucking RDM) and I didn't even RDM anyone the most recent person I killed was a master stalker that was stalking me and I killed him

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:

I don't have much evidence because it all happened so quickly I didn't even get the chance to copy or screenshot logs
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3 hours ago, BriskyBri said:

Hey Tapwater, I am sorry to here about your false ban, but unfortunately without any evidence we cannot do much about this situation. 

That's unfortunate oh well you can go ahead and close this 🫡

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