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Report on Agebt Harry)

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Your In-Game Name:

The Wrench

Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

Agent Harry, STEAM_0:1:47040411

Why are you reporting this player?:

False Votekicked Bum Tumbler

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:

well he vote kicked bum tumbler and he says it wasn't his first time doing so.

so we were just messing around since no mods were on. and Agent Harry was a bird and shitting on people as a bird makes the player KOS. after shitting on bum tumbler he calls a votekick for rdmx2 and I got suspicious that bum tumbler didn't do anything because i knew that agent harry was a bird shitting on people. so the votekick passes and i probably shouldn't have but I started a votekick on Agent Harry for false kick. 

i have copied and pasted these logs. idk if this is REAL evidence but here you go.

Player bum tumbler (PD Commander) (STEAM_0:0:620717928) killed Agent Harry (Bird) (STEAM_0:1:47040411) with weapon tfcss_sl8 (was 1st time)

Player bum tumbler (PD Commander) (STEAM_0:0:620717928) killed Agent Harry (Bird) (STEAM_0:1:47040411) with weapon handcuffsinhand (was 2nd time)

| Agent Harry started a votekick against bum tumbler (rdm x3) then this was moments after the 2nd kill


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you can export logs there is a button in the menu would be the best way to submit it. but simply showing he was killed provides little to no context as to the situation. Not saying the following happened but for example i could tell some noob to kill me 3 times and then present the same logs as evidence. so above its rdm to kill the bird unless its shitting on you and we would probably need some video context to confirm that as we dont have dookie logs

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