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Koda's Appeal


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In-Game Name


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Why were you banned or warned?

I was banned for Clientside Lua Execution by Quad0

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

Hello! I don't exactly know how to prove my case considering this is one of the more serious types of bans that involve automatic detections that have been tested well over the years so I don't see myself being successful in getting through with this appeal but I want to hold my ground on the fact that I haven't cheated at any point within the time of me playing on the server. I do have VAC bans, game bans and maybe a bit of minecraft server bans that are as a result of cheating, I also have HVH'd before in the past for quite a while so I do have a hefty profile on using my fair share of hacks but I always have kept that stuff away from TitsRP because I actually enjoyed the server. I don't have the ability to prove that I wasn't hacking but the most I can do is explain why I wouldn't which is pathetic but what else can I do, and I also understand being banned for Clientside Lua Execution is almost always the person injecting some lua script into their game using some shitty lua loader off of some random ass website or something, all I can say is that I'm not that retarded to get some random hack lua and run it on my game in a server which I know detects lua execution, so I don't know how I got this ban in general, I ended up wiping my workshop just incase I do get my appeal accepted because idk how the anti cheat works and if it detects anything that is workshop related because I had games and other random stuff in my workshop, but if it does, it shouldn't have any more issues with that.

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?

6 months
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I have no reason to believe you're not cheating. Everyone who has ran the same bytecode as you seems to be banned on other servers for hacking as well. I don't really care though. Unbanned!

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