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EVENTS (specifically propclimb and survival)


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In its current state prop climb and survive the area events dont ever start. Prop climb has a required player count of 8 and survive the arena requires 6. In the past 6 months I have seen survive the arena start twice, and havent seen prop climb start once (one time i saw it get to 7 players right as the prep timer ended). I understand why you would want to have a minimum amount of players for survive the arena, as with only 1 player they would instantly win, but I think it should be lowered to 3 or 4. For prop climb I dont understand why there is a required amount of players, much less why its 8. Prop climb is the ONLY event that everyone can lose(aside from events glitching out) meaning that even with 1 player its still not guaranteed that anyone will win the event. 

My second point is that event rewards are kinda meh. For new players an 100k reward or a drop of 10 random shipments of 10 can be pretty good, but considering the cost of events is 1mil or an event token that costs like 500k. The 1% chance of VIP is nice but i've only gotten it twice in my entire time playing. Making events give 400-500k or 5 rare shipments of 10(blowtorch, c4, holy nade) would be a good step in the right direction, but this really isn't as big of an issue as the first point.


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I'd say the minimum should rely on how many players are on the server at a time (disqualifying the AFK users from the calculation of course) because starting an event that rewards a winner with only 2 players is pretty dumb because there was no competition to the event except for that 2 player encounter. I'd also advocate making event tokens a physical inventory based item would be nice. 

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