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lua something idk im new :D


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In-Game Name


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Why were you banned or warned?

lua injection

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

my ban was a silly joke. i wanted to focus on school and gmod was just a big distraction. i was going into school the following week and with the way gmod was like an addiction in the past i thought maybe it was a good idea to make sure i stopped playing. so i figure why dont i get a cheating ban. itll be so funny :D. i thought of quitting weeks before this and impulsively i thought i should just get it over with. and so i knew what would happen when i did the things that lead to my ban. to anyone who doesnt know the context i have a previous cheating ban. i used to cheat to help with raids mostly, finding the bases with entity esp, and help with the actual pvp during the raid. but after long time on the server and many rdm zone hours i didnt need third party tools. but yea other than that i just miss the homies. and the server has been without my wrath for too long. im willing to go thru my clips with staff. the screenshots below are all the evidence i could gather that i was only cheating on that one day only, aug 29.

Who warned/banned you?


How long were you warned or banned for?






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My question is why didnt u just request a ban- or hell use console commands to get yourself banned. Would have been much wiser and would make it a lot easier to +1 - i mean you used an actual hack client albeit a very very very piss poor one.

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B3nz claimed she dared you to use cheats - I think even then that was really silly. you didn't do anything bad in reality - I'm willing to +1 since cheaters have been given chances in the past and you aren't an actual cheater as far as i actually know. If you do something this dumb again though....

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Sugar reduced all perma bans to 6 months as a courtesy. The least you could do for your crimes is serve your time. You straight up cheated, I think you should have to wait out the 6 months + I really don't want to play with cheaters so -1 from me

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Yeah I get that he cheated but the real question for me, was did he use it in a malicious way? Did he ruin people's experiences on the server with the cheats? Or was he a dumbass and just used it as an excuse to get banned.  I don't see why we wouldn't lift the ban with a leash that if he brings cheats back onto the server he stays permanently banned with no appeal.


Cmon dummy don't use cheats to take a break.


+1 on unban

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2 hours ago, LeGerbs said:

if he brings cheats back onto the server he stays permanently banned with no appeal.

if he gets banned for cheating again it'll be another 6 month ban that they'll try to appeal.


All cheating bans are 6 months now. They were reduced from perma because people always try to appeal them. If you wanna cheat, you get 6 months. Shouldn't be any appeals, especially when they are blatantly cheating and admit to it.


You wanted a break from the server, I get that. All you had to do was just not play the server. There's console executables that will get you banned for 6 months, people that get banned for that get unbanned everytime. You could have done that. But instead you purposefully used cheats to purposefully get yourself banned. You got what you asked for I guess? I don't see any reason to unban you.



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