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Revert sonar nades/bombs into mat nades/bombs


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directly links to silvers post but i assume posting individual suggestions will probably result in change being done faster because they arent debating on doing half the stuff suggested and not the other half

We've had sonar grenades/bombs for a month or more now, and they're terrible. No one uses them and this is for many reasons. The main one being that they just don't function, if a player is holding a gun or something they will either not show up or show up in 1 position despite moving around, it had bugs from the first day of release and still isn't in a good enough condition to even be useable as it is. It also hardly affects the player, as they can just run to the other side of their base and shoot from there, or literally still be stood in the same spot, but stood behind their nocollided wall and peek shoot every couple seconds before instantly hiding behind the wall to avoid damage (unless the guy is dumping his entire mag into the red outline, which again, means the guy being sonar'd just waits and then shoots). 

Even if the grenades functioned properly, they simply aren't good enough to even be used during raids as there's very little upside to using them, yes it outlines the player, they're still behind their dupe and wall, and they themselves are barely being disadvantaged since the raider still has to get through their base, which can't be done without trishas/c4/timebombs, all requiring you to hold a different item so you can't even kill the defender. From the defender side of using sonar nades, they still are hardly useful, as you can very simply just assume that hey this guy is going to be stood outside my doors and is going to have to peek, yes you may be able to see which angle they will shoot the timebomb in from, but most of the time that doesn't matter anyways as if they're halfway through your base they have to run in with the timebomb anyways.

These were a fun experimental item, but were not a good replacement for material nades/bombs, especially since now every base is prodtracks and gates. I think sonar nades and bombs should be re-converted back into mat nades and mat bombs, but they no longer fade fencegates. This makes them really useful for raiding still, but no longer broken against new players as it doesn't completely ruin their base by fading fences, along with balancing out how overpowered a base now is just with 2 of the same props repeating (prodtracks and fences).

optional change i'd like to hear opinions on is giving material bombs the same health as a deployable shield so that there is some counter to them, as they can be destroyed (do this after nerfing svus to the ground and weapon rework), this means that defenders can break the mat bombs to prevent a ton of their base being destroyed, but still has a good enough amount of health to de-mat props unless all attention is focused on it, potentially allowing for more raiding strategies where the raider uses mat bombs as a distraction to shoot a c4/timebomb in

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