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GSPean false Voteban


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Your In-Game Name:

Berry Wayne

Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

GSPean, STEAM_0:1:112672177

Why are you reporting this player?:

I already made a Unban Appeal (https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/18908-false-votebanned/).

I was in PD Office afk gathering Hack Power, GSPean told BigDaddyRebel in OOC that he cant come back and break NLR. In Console you can see BigDaddyRebel killing him or the other way around multiple times. (BigDaddyRebel also tried to Mass NLR/RDM me multiple times so that's no suprise)

After like 2-3 Minutes he Votebanned me even tho i were in PD and didn't even Interacted with him. I didn't die to anyone and you can see someone giving me a -rep for Demoting him as Hacker when i Hcaked the PD Pannel. He false Votebanned me instead of BigDaddyRebel.

After i was Unbanned i wrote him and he answered this:( https://prnt.sc/k9NxKckCoTQu ) and he asked if i weren't the Hacker which Raided the Kingdom. He made a Voteban because he ASSUMED i was the Hacker who raided him, he didn't even checked Console/Deathlogs or anything to verify it he just presed Tab, saw i was a Hacker and made a Voteban.

I Farmed for several Hours and i didn't spent my Pool XP, i also lost Cocain Material.

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


Relevant Info:

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