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b0ne Ban Appeal


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After coming to the understanding that most of the community didn't know pondering lied to the staff team and yuli about their age - I'm down to take off the 2 weeks and leave our discussion as a reminder


Originally I left it at just talking to you about it - but decided to ban after discussing with higher ups about it. I didn't know nobody knew pondering lied to the team - so at least that knowledge is now fully accessable here. I did mention the situation in gen chat weeks before this situation occurred but its very understandable that it just got buried and nobody really noticed.

I think regardless of the extension on your already 2 week ban summing up to 1 month for drama or not you now know better and are more informed hopefully, and something like this won't occur again.

I will just go ahead and unban you despite the situation with tyz not being fully cleared - you had served that time anyway.

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I was not aware that most did not realize that Yulii was lied to. I have no problem with the reduction back to the original ban (was an unban once this was accepted). I wanted to reply to this before I forgot to get to it. My main comment is for you to not cause any more drama in general. Be sure to check with staff for the relevant information instead of listening to rumors once a situation is dealt with (if we are able to give you said information).

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