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Why is mayor buyout a thing?

Ya boi Xenu

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Why not? As nipple farm stated above it helps take money out of the servers economy to balance things out a bit, which is also the exact reason for minecraft lootboxes being introduced.

But other than that, when those cringe mayors get on with trash laws made to ruin peoples RP experience in every way its just another way to get them out of office that is way easier then revolting or switching to mayors assassin.  

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Helps the economy to not get too inflated (even though it is insanely inflated already, helps give another option if revolts and unfuns are not at all working and keep failing, gives players a way to get rid of toxic mayors peacefully rather than going through the annoyance of revolting when they just want to chill with a boombox and mayor keeps outlawing boomboxes or fishing.

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