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Save the Bank


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The bank once a place to make money has now turned into nothing. Why did this happen?


One day a team attacked the bank leaving it with nothing this caused the banks money generation to greatly decrease. As everyone FULL amount was taken out. Usually in a bank raid your money is never fully taken out but as a resort of having nothing left the bank took everything. 4 years of random players putting in money to never take it out gone. In fact no system changes were made to the bank to my knowledge.


What must be done

We have lost a good money source a lot of money could be made from the bank with investors and raiders. The bank c4 item is now useless. With the gambling update and pet lootboxes im sure everyone could use a new way to earn money to fund their addictions. We as a server must defend the bank. Halt all raids on it. Everyone must invest money and get others to do so as well. It has been clear that sugar does not want to change the bank with many suggestions getting high attention nothing has come out of it for years. So this is a mistake we must reserve ourself as we caused it. If you wish to be apart of this project msg me on discord.  Mori#7258


Save the bank.

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