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Make the harvest processor's hitbox smaller or allow it to be claimed with a phys gun

Reggie Gerber

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Setting up ents is usually a pretty easy process, they're all geometric and their hitboxes are exactly as they look, however the harvest processor remains difficult and unwieldy. The hitbox extends way above where the model shows and makes it difficult to maneuver with a grav gun in a smaller room. Decreasing the hitbox for the harvest processor could make it easier to move around, however I believe that along with decreasing the hitbox height, we should also be able to claim the harvest processor like we can with a plot or processor.

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3 minutes ago, Rubik said:

Seems normal on my end. 


Put it in a pickup box, go to a room with a normal height roof and remove it from the pick up box. 95% chance it clips into the wall/floor/floats out of the map


or try to place it near other ents, specifically another processor

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