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I cannot claim my Quest Rewards


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I completed a quest today, and when I went to claim my rewards, it didn't give me any of the suga dollars, and when I rejoined the game, I am able to see the Claim button again and it does the same thing, no rewards. Linked below is
the clip of it not working for me.

How to reproduce:

Relog, press claim on a finished quest, not get rewards.


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On 9/22/2022 at 8:22 PM, Rubik said:

Hey man, I see you only have 1 hour of playtime in the past 2 weeks. This can happen sometimes when you go inactive for a while. Just refresh your quests to get new ones and it shouldn't happen again. 

Hey i have had 2 sits about this in the last week or two this is a bug and it is happening to many players i am trying to replicate this but having no luck if this is due to the playtime why is it?

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