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NLR is not a rule anymore


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Your In-Game Name:


Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

braindead87390YFENT STEAM_0:0:227492988

Why are you reporting this player?:

so me and 2 buddies were based in sewers this guy comes in one of my my guys kills him he them immediately comes back to the base and starts shooting breaking NLR repeatedly one of us crashes and the one one relogs i die and after he broke NLR again we get down to the base he throws down his own base with all our stuff still in it then clamed me and my buddies broke NLR and there was nothing in the base

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:

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17 minutes ago, Succ The Zucc said:

Uhhhh why didn't you call a sit I'm currently on

my buddy did another staff took it he said NLR was more like an unspoken rule and that the timer meant nothing said it was more of a courtesy

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5 hours ago, DeerDaddy said:

As I AM Friends With These Sets Of Players I Will Attempt To Stay Out Of This Topic For Reason Of Bias.

says he will stay out of topic because of bias.

5 hours ago, DeerDaddy said:

Though From What Was Explained To Me I Gotta Say The Repeated NLR Is Kinda Scummy

Proceeds to add to the topic anyway. 


Anyways, do you have footage or any type of evidence at all for the report? 

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I'd like to note I've dealt with this maybe 5-6 times total last time I dealt with it was when I was admin though, but I would assume the rule hasn't changed much since then as it isn't a common occurrence.


What would normally happen here is that the dude who crashed would have to show the crash report as proof of the crash so you could at least get your base back.


As for the NLR the raid stuff would be obvious. He has to wait for the timer to reset to be able to raid you again. I'd like to hear the story from Heosphoros before I make a vote here as I truly doubt he just wouldn't handle an NLR sit correctly as I've seen him punish for it before. If there is 0 evidence from either party then the report can't go any further than basic he said she said stuff.

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