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Staff Ticket Bug

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Dude gets added to every sit that has reported players. I've brought him to 4 sits in 1 night just because when he isn't doing shit and has been on 20 in a 2 hour time span.

It's bad when you're getting 10 sits in a row for massrdm and he's on all of them.

How to reproduce:

Literally just create a ticket.
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This has happened to me a few times but I didn't notice if it was the same person or not.

Honestly I just thought it was players accidentally selecting 2 people on accident, cause it would always have the actual reported players name first, then under that some random person not involved

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Do you know the players name? I think when you go to make a ticket and part of your request includes a players name, it will be auto included unless the requester removes them. For example "I want to report sugar for rdm" will see that "Sugar Tits" is in the server and add them to the reported player list

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Native American Josh or something like that but it was never in the sits that were called.


It would be like "RDM" - Reported names -Native American Josh and Dunce Cap


And the sit would be obviously for Dunce Cap

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