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Player Toxicity

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I am reporting this player for toxicity and use of homophobic slurs to not only myself but other players. Of course, this is more focused on me because I'm the one making the report, but you'll see in my evidence that he's used homophobic slurs to other players EXTREMELY frequently. That's pretty much the gist of it. The pictures tell the story.

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3 minutes ago, Malicious said:

holy shit nigga if u cannot take being called a ****** u are in the wrong community 

No, I just refuse to be verbally abused by people. I'm not dealing with a bunch of angsty little fucks who think saying nasty words like that is okay. It's not, and I'm not going to let people fuck with me. Actions have consequences, and this is the consequence of this person's actions. This has nothing to do with you, either.  Also, no community should be toxic as fuck. Just because darkrp is known to be toxic (moreso on certain servers), doesn't mean it's okay. There's literally rules against player toxicity, so get off the post with your bullshit complaining because you don't like the fact you can't call people slurs the way you used to.

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19 minutes ago, KKStoner said:

If you take being insulted for very good reason verbal abuse you got issues man you might need some counseling, you say you wont let people fuck with you but you just absolutely crumble when someone insults or even rdms you in game. your actions have consequences line is bullshit because you are just as big of an asshole on the server as cooper. you are reporting him because you cant take an insult but you can insult whoever you want because of all your trauma and because your trans and everyone has to love you. You are probably the biggest loser bitch hypocrite on this server. Sure cooper harrased you but damn in all your screenshots you didnt even tell him to stop you just fueled it with your cocky bitch sentences

I've told him on several occasions to stop. Most of which were the previous day, and he quickly followed with telling me to shut up, and then calling me a slur. Nobody is insulted for good reason, especially not when being called a slur several times. I'm an asshole because I'm standing up for myself and not taking your bullshit and letting you guys deal with consequences? Okay buddy. I don't call people slurs and never have on the server. Have I called people dumbasses? Morons? Cunts? Yes, yes, and absolutely yes. Have I told someone to end their lives, make fun of someone or demean someone for race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, etc? Fuck no. I don't think everybody has to love me and the fact you want to take it to that extreme shows that there is no in between with you, and that it's all or nothing. I don't care if people don't fucking like me-- clearly not, or else I wouldn't be a part of the community as an active player. I would've left AGES ago if I couldn't handle some stupid shit like people telling me to fuck off or making fun of my voice here or there. It's when people start actively harassing me, targeting, etc that I fucking say something. 


I never once brought my trauma into this. The only thing I ever said is that if Cooper wants to try and act like a 'big boy' with his disgusting use of language, then he can deal with big boy consequences of whatever is coming to him because he chose to use derogatory terms and slurs. If he had just been saying dumb shit like "shut the fuck up", there would be no report.


This is my last post, because I really don't think anymore needs to be said here. I don't think I should need to defend myself on a post like this where staff is clearly in agreement. As many of you would say, seethe, and cope.


Not everyone are as narrow minded as you are.

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There is actually rules against player toxicity. But also there is as before mentioned the Tab.Menu Mute and Gag options to help against this, in some way it's a fault by the both parties, Cooper for his toxicity and Bong's letting it happen and continuity to happen, so my final thought would be: Cooper's is toxic, you decided to listen to him, and Bong, use the tools you're given more often.

Do better, learn from this.♥️

Learning from this situation helps to the growth and peace in this community😺

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The rule is the rule. It's not something I can change. I'm going to +1 on this. As the player base is heavily in disagreement with overall if you want to change it. Make a suggestion on it. Bong water even said if it wasn't for the slur being thrown around it wouldnt have even been a report. 

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