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Okay so I've always been a big fan of Half Life (fuck you valve for never making episode 3)

I am thinking about buying a VR headset so I can experience playing Half Life Alyx, but its hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars just to play one game.

First off, do any of you have Alyx & if so whats your opinion on it? 

What are some other decent VR games to play?

What is a good VR headset you guys would recommend?

Overall, how is the VR experience? Are most of the games/ VR set ups still buggy? Or do they work great now?

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I am a MASSIVE half-life fan although I have never had enough money to afford an 1000 dollar headset to play half-life alyx I have watched just about everything about the game I could since it's release and I can tell you that Half-Life Alyx is a good game, but it isn't going to wow you the first time playing HL1/HL2 will. The game is a glorified tech demo at best and a retcon of plot points at worst. They sort of threw certain established lore out the window in-order to tell the story they wanted with half life alyx which is fine if you don't care about it as much as I do.


I would say the game is good, especially with the custom levels (even though valve refuses to release the full SDK) so I wouldn't get the game unless it's on sale.


As for the other VR games, I don't have a ton but if you're interested in Half-Life Alyx then Boneworks will probably be right up your alley.


Honestly though, VR Gaming isn't as supported as it could be so I wouldn't spend half your college tuition on a headset, I would wait for a high quality one to go on sale. Though I would avoid anything that is even remotely related to facebook right now (so basically no Oculous). Honestly I would wait for the valve index to be sold second hand at 500$ or below for the best bang for your buck or if you don't care about privacy and compatibility with steam then get an oculous or whatever they call themselves these days

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Don't listen to glarry. half life alyx was fire. just buy the oculus quest 2 for 300 dollars then buy a 5 dollar app on the quest store called virtual desktop streamer and download (not buy) the virtual desktop streamer app on your pc (from their website) then you can play VR completely wirelessly and there is no delay. (You will probably need to use ethernet or it could lag sometimes)

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