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Help!!! I think I was banned by mistake!!! Discord Ban Appeal

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In-Game Name

My Discord name is: supermarioben2#1316

Your Steam ID


Why were you banned or warned?

I seriously don't know!!!! I think maybe they thought a NSFW gif someone else posted was by me because they posted it right after mine and immediately deleted it I don't know though!! There was no moderator talking to me or anything I was just instantly banned by the Dyno bot. I've been a community member for a while and have never posted NSFW in the discord or do anything of that sort. I think this is a misunderstanding but I don't even know if that's why I was banned.

All I know is that it was in general chat, I posted a gif of a cat saying "quit it please stop right now I beg you" after a bunch of people were spamming images in chat. (gif link: https://tenor.com/view/cat-what-do-you-want-what-are-you-doing-what-are-quit-it-gif-18591281). Then a NSFW gif appeared in chat (I didn't even see who posted it but it was like a cartoon bear jumping on someone else and doing the sex) and then I got banned.

Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?

I think this was a misunderstanding!!! I think they confused me with the person who posted it and deleted it or something! I have never been banned from this discord before because I don't really try to break the rules and considering i've been around in that discord since 2018 you can surely that's the case.

Who warned/banned you?

I don't know I was just instantly banned by the Dyno bot.

How long were you warned or banned for?

I don't know but I assume it's a permanent ban.
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Rogue staff moment

dw i've dm'd one of the SA's cause there's no admins on discord rn

sewer was banned too, all of this was from a severe situation (incase a lot of staff dont know what happened) 

minky went rogue, did some stuff and people were caught in the crossfire needlessly


1 unban, 2 false bans 😞

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