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killed for speaking as Bones

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4 hours ago, Smelly said:

You aren’t going to e warn someone with a boom box out playing music because you don’t like it. There’s mute features for the boom boxes and Mr Bones.

you arent? if someone is dangling a boombox playing a copypasta with no rp relevance infront of u, u e warn them to go away/stop playing the non-rp related copypasta on the boombox, they back up 4 steps, and continue to dangle the boombox that is still playing it, you can't kill for that?

there's mute features for players.. lets let them earrape everyone..


4 hours ago, Smelly said:

I mistakenly killed OG BOT cause I thought he shot me in spawn tunnel and got banned for it but it’s ok for you to mistake him for having a gun out which doesn’t even mean anything anyways.

u thought he shot u in spawn tunnel when there were 0 gunshots and OG was down the street.. i misremembered him having a gun out (not the sole reason i killed him) and it somehow changes the fact that he was pasting lines from a copypasta repeatedly with no context/rp value/anything, even overlapping himself.. and you're saying I can't e warn for him to stop that? 



4 hours ago, Smelly said:

If you said you have a clip in the sit just post it and end this all.

i did indeed have a clip, however when the sit was ended (situation resolved in my eyes) and the user logged offline directly after, i figured, hey he probably just agreed the the warn was valid, so after checking the clip, sending him a dm saying 'hey btw u didnt have a gun out but xxxx is why i killed u anyways!' i figured that the issue had been dealt with and deleted the 1gb+ clip from my c drive, also he said that he himself also had a clip of the incident in the sit, which I'm not sure why he lied about, or he also deleted the clip then decided to forums report? not sure though. I have since been told by other smods I should try and keep clips for 2 weeks, which is something I will try and do in the future, but considering how much shit i clip when I play, i may have to literally start trimming each clip, which is snoozable, but if it avoids situations like these then I will try my best.



4 hours ago, Smelly said:

Obviously hiding shitty behavior and playing the “who knows the MOTD better” game as a staff member

i think corp knows the lines of the MOTD better

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grammar errors uh oh
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I mean the thing about mr bones is hes loud as fuck by default. You can hear him nearly all the way across from sitland talking. You can also e menu mute AND disable mr bones voice all together in the menus. Personally I would say if mr bones was right up in someones face spamming and they warn, that is totally valid as they are disturbing the peace of the individual directly - however if they are a decent distance away (say sidewalk to sidewalk in distance) then you should just mute them after that. Unless mr bones is intentionally harassing you individually, and not just talking in general you shouldnt persue continuing the warn (e.g. following the person you warned as claimed by wilhelm)

Since there is 0 evidence from either side and both are making somewhat different claims I will be remaining NEUTRAL

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