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killed for speaking as Bones

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Your In-Game Name:

Officer Rufus

Your Steam ID:


Who are you reporting?:

You (tene)

Why are you reporting this player?:

Rdm, false warn

Do you have evidence related to this incident?:


i was standing in the street as MR Bones typing phrases into chat and having bones TTS them. During this, "You" walked up to me and used a kiss swep on me. I paid him no attention and continued sending bones messages. Few seconds pass and "You" E warns me. Unsure of what his reasoning was, i backed up a few feet onto the sidewalk and continued what i was doing. He then walked forward towards me and eventually kills me. I had not moved from the location he approached me from in a decent while, i was just chilling in the middle of the street. The thing is, he approached me, then followed me when i stepped back. I created a sit which Green took and i pasted the only rule regarding warning players


DO NOT warn people for general actions such as walking down the street, looking at them or being near them



During the sit, "You" claimed i was spamming chat and pointing a gun at him (which never happened) and that was the reason for the warn and then kill. If i am spamming obnoxious noises over and over or repeating things over and over as Bones, i would understand but i was not doing any of those as i was simply typing a message that took multiple TTS's. He claimed that you can e warn a Mr bones who is sending TTS's over and over, apparently regardless of context(speech). Text chat is the only way Bones can communicate so right off the bat, that seemed off. This logic also says you can walk up to a Bones talking to a friend and warn him for spamming. I brought this up and he said something about loopholing. Even though his discription of when you can E warn Bones is exactly what he called loopholing. 


He claimed to have clipped the encounter.

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You were pasting a very lengthy copy pasta into chat and just wouldnt stop, your messages started to overlap the last word(s) because u were pasting them so fast, I wanted you to stop sending lines from the copypasta because you were being a general disturbance/annoyance and there was literally no roleplay as you were just sat there pasting a copypasta into chat, you backed up like 3 steps and continued sending the messages, I walked up 2 steps towards you both because I thought you'd get the message hey walk further and also because I have big punch tali and have to be close to kill you, and you being Mr Bones you could pull out your gun and 3-4 tap me so I had to be close already since you weren't planning on leaving/stopping the chat.
The pointing the gun I messaged you after the sit saying "hi btw just wanted to drop by u didnt have a gun out i think i was confusing u for someone else but i killed u cause u were pasting/spamming a copypasta over and over again in chat and when u backed up u backed up like 2 feet" (and continued sending the messages) through discord since you had already left the server.
not sure why you wouldn't be able to warn a mr bones who is spamming a copypasta to leave the area/stop spamming or die, it's annoying and there's no roleplay involved/it disturbs and ruins other ongoing scenarios.

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Honestly, I see where Tene is coming from. If someone was hanging out near you and consistently mic spamming the same thing over and over (and you could not mute it) then I see why warning them to back off would be valid.

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Assuming you weren't ear-raping with the TTS, I'd have to disagree with this since you are able to mute Mr. Bones entirely if you are truly bothered by it. I wouldn't have warned Mr. Bones for making noises since that is the entire point of the job, however he did the right thing by handling it through Roleplay rather than as a staff situation. 


Just to confirm, you were not actually !WARNed, but you're talking about the E menu warn system, right?

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1 hour ago, Rubik said:

Just to confirm, you were not actually !WARNed, but you're talking about the E menu warn system, right?

Yeah it was an E-warn

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-1 unless a clip came up, if someone is annoying you by making stupid sounds or spamming chat and e menu warned you to go away and you were still in vocal range that’s your bad. 

unless there’s video evidence proving otherwise I will remain neg.

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You aren’t going to e warn someone with a boom box out playing music because you don’t like it. There’s mute features for the boom boxes and Mr Bones.


I mistakenly killed OG BOT cause I thought he shot me in spawn tunnel and got banned for it but it’s ok for you to mistake him for having a gun out which doesn’t even mean anything anyways.


If you said you have a clip in the sit just post it and end this all. Obviously hiding shitty behavior and playing the “who knows the MOTD better” game as a staff member

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